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Welcome to the GT-Four Owner's Club - serving the GT-Four community since 2003

The Three Amigos The Toyota Celica GT-Four Owner's Club (more commonly known as the GT4OC) was originally formed by a small group of like-minded enthusiasts from around the UK who shared a passion for Toyota's rally superstar, the Celica GT-Four.

Predominately an Internet-based club, the GT4OC members use this website to:

  • Discuss various aspects of their cars, from day-to-day running and servicing through to modifications of various magnitudes.
  • Organise events and meets with other club members (and clubs) both locally and nationally.
  • Take part in general discussions and find new friendships within the GT4OC community.

We pride ourselves in providing a relaxed and enjoyable location for our members to kill some time or to seek assistance with any technical issues they may have.

Whether it's the car's rallying heritage, its looks, power, abilities or anything else to do with the three generations of GT-Four, you've found the right place - so take a look around and enjoy your stay.

ST165 (1986-1989)

1st Generation GT-Four
History | Specifications | Buyer's Guide

ST185 (1989-1993)

2nd Generation GT-Four
History | Specifications | Buyer's Guide

ST205 (1994-1999)

3rd Generation GT-Four
History | Specifications | Buyer's Guide

GT4OC Announcements

Payment for Prescott Four-Tastic fun weekend.

Deadline for payment for tickets for the Prescott Hill Climb Four-Tastic fun weekend will be April 12th.

Thank you to the members who have already paid for their tickets via gt4bay.

gt4bay is the only way in which you can pay for your tickets so please do not leave it too late.

Track runs will be limited to a maximum of 60 cars, so get your payment in to avoid disappointment.

Please do not ask to be a special case because you miss...

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ALL MEMBERS :- Two Temporary Sub-Committee Vacancies Closed

Dear GT4OC member

Please read carefully before putting yourself forward for one of these positions.

We are opening up the staff room again for two members from the forum, the roles offered will be for a period of three months only. The role title will be known as "sub-Committee"

Two forum members are invited to join the clubs full Committee and get full...

[ Read full announcement | ] by G7TOA on 19 Dec 2013 23:05 | 1 Comments | Add your comments

gt4bay offers 10% reduction in Membership renewal Fee's

Renew your GT4OC Membership via gt4bay and get a 10% discount.

gt4bay is offering all Club Members a 10% discount off GT4OC Membership fee's for renewals made before their Membership expiry date saving £2.07

Your new GT4OC Membership Expiry date will be set to same Month end Next year for example:
Renew anytime between 1st - 30th Sept 2013 your next renewal will be set to 30th Sept 2014 so early renewal can be made anytime prior to expiry even...

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